Historical Data suspended !


Dear customers,

Good news!
Our team has been working hard on this matter during the past few days and Historical requests are now available again!
Please note that due the possible high number or request, new ones might take longer than usual.

We wish you a great day, stay safe!
Best regards


Dear Clients,

Historical Data requests are currently suspended !

Our treatment capacities have been hugely challenged these days and we’re facing a major increase in volume of mentions to process.
In order to ensure a very good level of service and index the most recent mentions in your databases, we decided to temporarily suspend this function.

This situation is temporary and you’ll be soon able to launch new historical data requests.
We’ll also relaunch the ones that were already scheduled.

We’re aiming to restore the service before the end of the week and we’ll not miss to keep you informed !

Stay safe !
The Support Team