Instagram issues


Dear customers,

We are closing this incident as collection on Analytics and Custom sources has resumed!
Please find below some details on the new way we collect data:

⚠ Following recent changes on Instagram, we are now only able to collect posts from Instagram Business Accounts via our custom sources system and Analytics ⚠

This changes comes with a new prerequisite:
You will now have to connect your own Instagram Business Account (linked to a Facebook Page) to Digimind Social.
You will also now be asked to do so before adding new Instagram source

When adding an new Instagram custom source the system will automatically detect if it’s a business account, if not an error message will be displayed.
Existing sources that are business accounts have been updated accordingly and have resumed collection, but “regular” sources will not work anymore.

You will find more information on what is an Instagram Business Account and how to setup one here :

Theses changes are coming with two great additions :
1 - It allows us to collect/update the last 100 post per source once a day (compared to the last 12 beforehand) which is great!
2 - Adding a Instagram custom source to a database will now bring back the last 100 posts (except those already collected in the platform of course). This is great for getting some historical data!

Please note that these historical mentions will be counted in the current month’s quota so take this into account when setting up a new project, or when adding a batch of new Instagram sources as it can quickly add up (this is mostly for accounts with low quotas).

We’d like to thank you for your patience while we dealt with these changes
Best regards


Good news! Following our investigation, we have a fix planned for next week (more likely around Wednesday or Thursday)
We’ll update the Status Page when we have clearer perspective on the situation

Thank you for your patience!
Best regards
The Support Team


Twitter custom sources are working again!
We’re still working on Instagram as they might still be some issues with the custom sources.

Thank you for your patience


Dear clients,

Our teams have been working hard and some improvements have already been pushed to your platforms.

In certain specific cases, it is possible that some mentions might still be late/missing, if you have any recent example (<12h) please contact with the details.

Please note that we’re still monitoring the situation closely and actively working on solving all potential issues.

Best regards
The Support Team


Dear clients,

We’re currently facing some issues with custom sources both on Twitter and Instagram, Some mentions might be missing in your platform.

Our team is working on it and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on the matter!

Best regards
Support Team