DI : Agents Issue


Dear customers,

We have identified the issue and pushed a fix a few minutes ago
You should now be able to validate your alerts and edit your sources normally.
The data collection has also been resumed.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance
Best regards,
Your Support Team


Dear Customers,

The main issue has been fixed, however the data collection of WEBNEWS/WEBPAGE and KEYWORDS alert types may be delayed to this night.

Thank you for your trust and your understanding
Your support Team.


Dear Customers,

We are currently encountering a server issue impacting WEBNEWS, WEBSITE and WEBPAGE monitorings.
As a result, you may have difficulties to validate Alerts coming from these source types and make changes that involve them .
We are working on this right now and hope to have it fixed very soon.

Feel free to contact us through usual channels may you have any questions.Thanks so much for bearing with us while we fix this !

Your support team